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Relationship Group Manager (RGM)

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Add2Exchange Enterprise

This feature is unique to the Add2Exchange Enterprise Edition.

The primary means of managing group relationships, templates and distribution lists is the Relationship Group Manager.

Relationship Menu

To see the Relationship Group Manager, select Relationship > Relationship Group Manager.

Relationship Group Manager Dialog

The Relationship Group Manager helps you:

1)Manage relationship templates and settings.
2)Manage assignment of relationship templates to distribution lists.  This effectively creates and manages group relationships.
3)Manage exclusions to membership in group relationships.

The term "management" here means to be able to create, delete, name and edit the settings of the item(s) in question. Once created, templates are shown in the templates section of the relationship list as shown:

Templates in the Main Console Window

Right-clicking a template and choosing a menu option takes you to the Relationship Group Manager.  You must then perform the operation you want according to the instructions in the section Editing Template Settings in RGM. When the template is attached to a distribution list, Add2Exchange creates the individual relationships the group represents and lists them in the main console window.

Template-based Relationships

While the console lists the individual relationships of the group, the group relationship can only be edited as a whole by editing the template.  Individual relationships in the group cannot be edited to create one-offs.  If you need to change the settings on an individual relationship, see the section Group Relationships, Lists and Templates.

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