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Adding Relationships to an RGM Template

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Adding a new user with the RGM Template is done through the Distribution List found in the Exchange Management Console.

When adding a new user through the Distribution List, the Relationship Manager will automatically assign them.

In order to add a single relationship, follow the instructions below (for Exchange 2003, scroll to the bottom):

Exchange 2007/2010/2013:

1) Open the Exchange Management Console.



2) Open the Distribution Group, right click the Display Name (in this example: 1and10), and click Properties.



3) Click the Members tab, then click Add...



4) Select the user you wish to add (in this example: Sample2), and click OK.



5) The user will appear within the user list. Click OK and the user will be added to the Distribution List.


Exchange 2003:

1) Open the Active Directory Users and Computers directory.



2) Click the Find Objects in Active Directory tab (little blue magnifying glass button).



3) In the Name: field, type in the name of the user (in this example: z_GalSync).  Click Find Now.



4) When the search produces the name at the bottom, double click it.



5) The user properties screen will open (pictured above).



6) Click the Members tab and you will be brought to the screen above.  Click Add...



7) Type in the object name (in this example: 1002).  Click OK.



8) The user will appear within the user list. Click OK and the user will be added to the Distribution List.



Note: The user can also be added through the Relationship Group Manager on the Add2Exchange Console.  Simply scroll down and find the name of the user from the Distribution Group. Once selected, click on the available template under the Available Template Relationships section (in this example: Public - emailtest To [%name] - emailtest). Click Attach_Template >  then click OK to the prompt that pops up.  Then click Apply.  The user will then be added to the Distribution Group Members being Managed by a Template section.



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